Balaklava – Ukraine

 The Balaklava harbor is in fact a good choice if you need to maintain  your submarine. Balaklava has a very deep harbor and that makes it ideal for submarines to navigate sub sea into the huge tunnel without been detected by the western countries satellites. During the Soviet era this little fishing village did not “exist”. It was kept as a secret by the Soviets, and  was not visible on any maps, even the locals who lived around Balaklava did not know what was going on. Only the local fishermen whom had their boats in the harbor knew, but they were also monitored. Today’s submarine shop is converted into a museum, and you can either take a boat into the tunnel or walk.

Balaklava is beyond this is a quiet little village with few tourists. But the  harbor still has a lively evening. There are few restaurants where will get good food for a small amount,  on the contrary  the wine, one can steer clear – drink beer or water.