The flight from Kiev will take only 50 minutes and the fare was around 50 €. The runway in Odessa was somewhat a bumpy experience and we wondered if the wheels on the plane really could take all these speed pumps, yes thats what they felt like, speed bumps.

The airport in Odessa, is the kind where you have to do everything by your self. In the sense that you almost have to unload the aircraft baggage on your own. Odessa was a very positive experience. The city’s opera building is actually one of most beautiful opera houses in the world. Several streets in downtown are now converted to pedestrian areas, where there are many good restaurants.

I would like to mention two restaurants we visited the “Steak House” and Kompot in Deribasovskay Street.  They had good food and good wine selection. But they are popular, so make reservation in advanced if you want the most popular tables. They are also some of the few restorants that don’t play loud music. You may therefor enjoy their food and wine in peace and quiet, only disturbed by people passing by.

Buy an ice-cream and do as many Ukrainians,walk down the Potemkin stairs. The stairs are ninefeet wider at the bottom than the top and in addition it has got an optical illusion. When you stand at the top and look down you can see only landings and from below you only see like a long flight of stairs without landings.


    1. Hi Milla!

      Sorry for my really late reply. Well, we came to Odessa on July 22nd, the day that Norway was hit by terror. It was just too hard for us to be normal tourist, so we did just the most important sights. Hence we did not go to the market, which I regret. Hope you did enjoy, Odessa was a lovely city in spite of our condition, I am hope I will be able to go there once again under other circumstances and we can absorbe the city in full

      Tom 🙂


    2. Hi Tom, sorry to hear that. I can imagine it was not a joyful holiday…
      I don’t remember any more if you read my post about the market but yes, it is fantastic! I really enjoyed it.
      Are you planning to return to Odessa? I would like to!


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