Driving a car in Burma is, as far as I am concerned, associated with a risk. They have the steering wheel on the right side, same side as they are driving??? The day we arrived we actually thought that they drove on the left side, and was surprised when we realized that the oncoming traffic was in the “wrong” lane. (I here must add that we did suffer from jet lag, and therefor our ability to judge the situation a bit reduced).
In addition to that the cars have the steering wheel on the wrong side, you have all the mopeds that do not necessarily follow the trafic rules, well the few rules there are to be found. On top of this are the cars overloaded with people and goods, creating with quite a few dangerous situations. After the two hour drive from Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin, we had had enough and replaced the car with a horse and carriage … Unfortunately, that was also a pretty bumpy experience, but the pace quite different. 🙂