While the duck farmers gathered their geese and the sun was going down over Amarapura it was time to wander over the 1300yd Long teak bridge. Not only is it the world’s longest footbridge as it gently curves over Taungthaman Sea, it is probably the most photographed of its kind.

The monks from the convent school goes back and forth twice a day, simply to keep fit, but if I get to judge, also to get a break from the strict monastic life.
The bridge creaks quite a bit, and there are only a few of the over 1000 poles that have been replaced since the bridge was built. The bridge is popular, so one can not expect to have the bridge by one self, hordes of tourists take over the bridge and take their pictures of the monks and the local heroes. We on the other hand, went all the way to the other side, and therefore escaped the tourists. But we became populare targets by the locals whom wanted a picture of us. Gigglingly, they contacted, and was surprised and shy, when we smilingly gave permission to snap away. It was in a way fair after all the pictures we had taken of them. When the sun went down behind the hill, we walked slowly back to the western side, while we chatted with the monks, A wonderful experience