20120310-204040.jpgWe were lucky enough and persuaded the guide to take us off the tourist track, and by that we could visit the family of our driver

Anto – the eldest son of the house, must now help his mother to manage the family after his father passed away, only 42 years old. Everyone must contribute, so that they one day may get a TV. Still they do enjoy the tranquility, and do not want to change they’re life with the busy city life.
Before his mother dies, the son must become a monk, if her afterlife should be of the good kind. But he is getting old, and the monks life is not want he strive for at the moment.

There are only a few weeks until the election, but still they do not know whom to vote for, thus they know nothing about politics and are more concerned with daily life than the politics holders in Yangon.

Inle is situated in the province of Shan, which is the province that produces the most opium in Myanmar…

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