The Barcode, they named the buildings which will be Oslo new business and residential area in Bjørvika. But this name is so burdened, that authorities had to change the name of the area to The Opera Quarter. The criticism from Oslo’s residents have been that it closes the view to the bay, and fjord view is important for the naval Norwegians. But those buying apartments in The Barcode facing the sea, will of course be able to enjoy their morning coffee on the terrace overlooking the Opera House, the bay and the islands. Those that earlier enjoyed this view might instead enjoy a good view of The Barcodes architecture!

A curiosity is that the flats have mobile shields, to either shade for the sun or to prevent office people to stare into your bedroom. But if you buy a flat in a barcode, one should not be surprised to find one self an exhibit object, the spaces between the buildings are narrow….Looking forward to see it all finished, and how the citizens will adopt these “newcomers”.