1. Hi Tom,

    Thanks very much for visiting my blog! Your like on my post “Unplanned Adventure” is greatly appreciated.

    Also awesome photography taken in India. I particularly like this selection as I am hopefully travelling there next year and it has given me a good insight into what to expect! 🙂


    1. You are most welcome! And thanks for liking my post on India. I look forward to follow your blog, and in particular your travel to India next year.

      My next travel starts on Sunday. This time I will go to some remote areas in Central Asia. I will try to post on Twitter as I travel, if I can find an internet access. My account on twitter is @travelthom, if it should be of any interest.
      Tom 🙂


    2. No worries it’s the least I could do!

      And I will look forward to reading about your next travel, good luck and enjoy
      Haydn 🙂


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