Just minutes from Oslo city centre, you will find the rural Bygdø. This little island is a recreation area for the citizen of Oslo. And after a stroll in the forrest or a day at the beach, one can visit one of the many museums, visit a royal summer palace, see the incredible Oseberg viking ship,  watch the royal cows grazing, or do as I just walk around and take photos… 😉


This lovely little island in the southern part of the Oslo fjord used to be home to whalers. As the whaling now is just for scientific purposes, It is only 150 permanent residents left and most of the houses are transferred into summer residence for rich people from nearby cities. Jens Bjørnebo, a famous Norwegian author,  resided on the island about a year before he hang himself…

When I walked around the small farms and gardens, I was put back to my childhood and my grandmother’s garden with buzzing bumblebees, currant, blackcurrant and apples. I could  almost see my grandmother on the front door stairs with a tray of homemade lemonade. The lemonade went down in big gulps, while a loving hand strokes the fringe away from one’s eyes … Norwegian summer memories!

Preparing for trekking in Bhutan at Dronningberget

When I woke up this morning I felt that today is the most splendid day to start the preparation for our journey to India and Bhutan in october. This journey will be a combination of trekking at high altitude, and hard core tourist sight seeing.
As I consider my self to be an expert in sight seeing (have at least a master degree),there is no need to prepare for that, not at the moment at least. But I need to improve my trekking abilities. So to get a feeling of how my back will feel like after 5-6 hours trekking at high altitude. I filled my back pack with some heavy books (books from my psychology study ) and my camera gear.
The weather conditions was fine and I met a lot of people, presumably not with the same purpose as me.
Anyhow, in the absence of mountains, I aimed for Dronningberget – “The Queen’s hill”, which had to do as mountain substitute.
This little hill’s forest is created in inspiration of the english parks from the 19th century.
At the foot of the hill there is a bust of Count Wedel Jarlsberg, with the grieving national lion, and at “the summit”, a “mountain lodge”. The path to the “mountain lodge” goes through an old hazel and linden forest. The lodge, which now serve as a café, has been renovated and is now sparkling in its utmost beauty.

Well, for me this was the end of todays hard work out.  Still, this was not at all a challenging trek, I admit that I could feel a mild pain after carrying my books on my back for 3 hours. So the little trip, was not in vain…


Last weekend I was invited to come sailing with some friends and we had the most splendid weekend.  The tranquility and the feeling of being in touch with the elements, makes sailing one these activities one cannot get enough of .
I also came across a well hidden secrete, or it is a secret thus one knows about it yet. On one of the islands of Bolærne were we landed,  I felt an attraction towards a beautiful old house. The woman whom met us at the door step was warm and welcoming, she served us waffles and we felt at home instantly.   She could tell us that the house had been own by a pilot and his wife. Today the house is for rent if one would like to stay a weekend or even a week. So why not get away from a stress at an island in the Oslo-fjord…

Loshuset på Bolærne

Sensing spring!

After the coldest spring ever, we finally got some warmth. And after visiting a photo exhibition at The Nobel’s peace centre, I wandered around at the square in front of the Town Hall and shot some photos. It was great walking around and feel the warmth and see all the smiling people… spring is here now, at least at mid day. Because early this morning I wanted to try my new racing bike. Unfortunately I didn’t take into consideration that winter still rules at night. Therefor I almost froze off my toes, which were squeezed into tight cycling shoes, and they were not prepared for temperatures around 0. They had to be thawed when I got home, quite painful!
🙂 🙂

Yearning towards summer

Yesterday we had snow!  It seems that the spring and eventually summer have other things to do, than give us smooth and warm southerly winds. And in my longing for summer, I ended up looking at pictures of some of our hikes in the mountains…

…before I went out and bought myself a new racing bicycle, now I definitely need warmer weather! 😕

The Barcode in Oslo

The Barcode, they named the buildings which will be Oslo new business and residential area in Bjørvika. But this name is so burdened, that authorities had to change the name of the area to The Opera Quarter. The criticism from Oslo’s residents have been that it closes the view to the bay, and fjord view is important for the naval Norwegians. But those buying apartments in The Barcode facing the sea, will of course be able to enjoy their morning coffee on the terrace overlooking the Opera House, the bay and the islands. Those that earlier enjoyed this view might instead enjoy a good view of The Barcodes architecture!

A curiosity is that the flats have mobile shields, to either shade for the sun or to prevent office people to stare into your bedroom. But if you buy a flat in a barcode, one should not be surprised to find one self an exhibit object, the spaces between the buildings are narrow….Looking forward to see it all finished, and how the citizens will adopt these “newcomers”.