Just minutes from Oslo city centre, you will find the rural Bygdø. This little island is a recreation area for the citizen of Oslo. And after a stroll in the forrest or a day at the beach, one can visit one of the many museums, visit a royal summer palace, see the incredible Oseberg viking ship,  watch the royal cows grazing, or do as I just walk around and take photos… 😉


This lovely little island in the southern part of the Oslo fjord used to be home to whalers. As the whaling now is just for scientific purposes, It is only 150 permanent residents left and most of the houses are transferred into summer residence for rich people from nearby cities. Jens Bjørnebo, a famous Norwegian author,  resided on the island about a year before he hang himself…

When I walked around the small farms and gardens, I was put back to my childhood and my grandmother’s garden with buzzing bumblebees, currant, blackcurrant and apples. I could  almost see my grandmother on the front door stairs with a tray of homemade lemonade. The lemonade went down in big gulps, while a loving hand strokes the fringe away from one’s eyes … Norwegian summer memories!