Holy places

Religions are important to us, and to some extend it describes your personality or how you want others to perceive you. Generalized, the essence of religions are for us to behave good, and if one do so,  his afterlife will be good. In reverence of our gods, we erect buildings or constructions, and make sacrifices.  Here are selection of the thousands of holy places I have visited. I tried not to put them into order, as religions now mix together as people move to new countries and settle down. Communism do not recognize any religions, yet people in communist regimes tend to look upon their leaders as they have divine power.


Tongba and dried yak meat – At the bar in Landruk – Nepal

If you want to taste the local beer tongba, you must make sure to walk with a guide willing to introduce you to very local costumes. We did, and our guide took us to a well-hidden bar in Landruk.
Landruk is a small village in the valley Kimch. We arrived early in the morning after having climbed the 400 meters height from the bottom of the valley.
The bar in question, bears little resemblance to bars like we’re used to. It is simply the holder’s kitchen, attracting porters in transit to refresh their throats.

The beer is made literally while you sit there! You take malt in a metal cup, mix it with hot water and drink with a straw, tastes like cider and some other stuff. Dried yak meat take the drink to a higher level… unforgettable!