Preparing for trekking in Bhutan at Dronningberget

When I woke up this morning I felt that today is the most splendid day to start the preparation for our journey to India and Bhutan in october. This journey will be a combination of trekking at high altitude, and hard core tourist sight seeing.
As I consider my self to be an expert in sight seeing (have at least a master degree),there is no need to prepare for that, not at the moment at least. But I need to improve my trekking abilities. So to get a feeling of how my back will feel like after 5-6 hours trekking at high altitude. I filled my back pack with some heavy books (books from my psychology study ) and my camera gear.
The weather conditions was fine and I met a lot of people, presumably not with the same purpose as me.
Anyhow, in the absence of mountains, I aimed for Dronningberget – “The Queen’s hill”, which had to do as mountain substitute.
This little hill’s forest is created in inspiration of the english parks from the 19th century.
At the foot of the hill there is a bust of Count Wedel Jarlsberg, with the grieving national lion, and at “the summit”, a “mountain lodge”. The path to the “mountain lodge” goes through an old hazel and linden forest. The lodge, which now serve as a café, has been renovated and is now sparkling in its utmost beauty.

Well, for me this was the end of todays hard work out.  Still, this was not at all a challenging trek, I admit that I could feel a mild pain after carrying my books on my back for 3 hours. So the little trip, was not in vain…

Tongba and dried yak meat – At the bar in Landruk – Nepal

If you want to taste the local beer tongba, you must make sure to walk with a guide willing to introduce you to very local costumes. We did, and our guide took us to a well-hidden bar in Landruk.
Landruk is a small village in the valley Kimch. We arrived early in the morning after having climbed the 400 meters height from the bottom of the valley.
The bar in question, bears little resemblance to bars like we’re used to. It is simply the holder’s kitchen, attracting porters in transit to refresh their throats.

The beer is made literally while you sit there! You take malt in a metal cup, mix it with hot water and drink with a straw, tastes like cider and some other stuff. Dried yak meat take the drink to a higher level… unforgettable!