Holy places

Religions are important to us, and to some extend it describes your personality or how you want others to perceive you. Generalized, the essence of religions are for us to behave good, and if one do so,  his afterlife will be good. In reverence of our gods, we erect buildings or constructions, and make sacrifices.  Here are selection of the thousands of holy places I have visited. I tried not to put them into order, as religions now mix together as people move to new countries and settle down. Communism do not recognize any religions, yet people in communist regimes tend to look upon their leaders as they have divine power.

In a hot air balloon

I always dreamt of flying. Seeing the world from above, well not that I haven’t been up in the sky, but flying an airplane is not the same as flying a hot air balloon.

If you haven’t done it, put it on the list and get up there as soon as possible. The feeling when you take off is incredible, slowly you climb higher and higher. You can touch the trees, and the feeling when you hang just 10-15 meters above the ground, drifting slowly with the wind, I don’t have words. The dense forrest of balloons reminded me of swimming among jellyfish, as they also just “hang” there in the water…

I did shoot too many photos, but as this was my dream come through I just could not stop my self.